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I am a software engineer working in Boston MA. With experience predominantly in Java since 2003 and Python since 2011. I have worked on diverse systems over my career at different scales, from simple web applications to distributed message processing systems. For more information on my experience take a look at my resume.

Open Source Projects

I do not have a license to all of these projects but I have at least tinkered with or submitted a patch to them.

Savory Pie # - Maintainer
Savory Pie is an API building library, we give you the pieces to build the API you need. Currently Django is the main target, but the only dependencies on Django are a single view and Resources and Fields that understand Django's ORM.
Openid Redis # - Added Features
Redis store for OpenID, added a performance feature that allows users to segment their keyspace
Django Dirty Bits # - Maintainer
Adds dirty checking to the Django ORM
Occidentalis Image # - Added a Fix
This fixes the version 2 of the Occidentalis image
Django Celery Transactions # - Celery Transactions
Made django celery transactions Django 1.6 compatible
Jersy - Added a Fix
Added a fix to the rest client.


Boston Python User Group
Co-Organzier 2014, Member since 2011
Boston Java User Group
Member since 2007
New England Java Users Group
Member since 2007